MP&F 2013 Midyear Retreat

August 19, 2013

MP&F 2013 Midyear Retreat


Last week, MP&F held its annual off-site company retreat. The retreat has become an important MP&F tradition – a time for us to reflect on the past year as well as the year ahead, to foster new ideas, to promote exercises in teamwork, and to have a little fun.

As I look back on last week’s activities, I am struck especially by the relevance of this year’s retreat theme, which was “McNeely Pigott & Fox University.”

In many ways, MP&F is like an institution of higher learning for public relations and strategic communications. The partners and senior staff serve as valued mentors, sharing their wisdom and expertise with staff members at all levels of the company. I have been at MP&F for three and a half years, and the learning has yet to stop. I am constantly mastering new skill sets and being challenged to perform at the highest level possible for our many clients.

And I am not the only one. As the media landscape as well as the way we communicate with each other changes, everyone in our company – from the partners and vice presidents to the staff associates and interns – has to learn new things every day.

Many universities also focus on research, which is strength of MP&F. Every project we work on starts with research, and it is through this research that we come to know our clients better and that we are able to identify new and cutting-edge ways to communicate our clients’ messages.

I am proud to be a student at MP&F University.