MP&F Selected as One of The Tennessean’s “Top Workplaces” for 2013

July 3, 2013

MP&F has received many awards and honors over the past 26 years, and we are proud of all of them. We’re especially proud of our most recent honor – being named one of The Tennessean’s “Top Workplaces” as voted on by our employees – because it means we are succeeding in maintaining one of our core values.

MP&F awardEarly on, the firm’s partners committed to creating the kind of workplace for their employees that each of them would want to work in – a place that rewarded creativity and perseverance, that balanced hard work with fun, that treated everyone as family.

We believe strongly that maintaining that kind of work environment translates directly into producing the best work possible for our clients, and that’s what our business is all about. That’s what determines our success.

Here’s a sampling of what MP&F staff members say about working here:

MP&F's Jessica DardenJessica Darden

Senior Account Executive

MP&F is a great place to work for hundreds of reasons – the great partners that lead the firm, the incredibly talented staff we have, our long list of diverse and wonderful clients; but my favorite thing about working at MP&F (and what has kept me here for nine years) is the team-oriented culture we have. Our “all-for-one and one-for-all” dedication to the firm, each other and our clients is irreplaceable. We work damn hard, we work together, and we have a lot of fun doing it.

MP&F's Mary Ruth RaphaelMary Ruth Raphael

Account Supervisor

A lot of companies pay lip service to being family-friendly; but here at MP&F, it is ingrained in the company culture. It’s not just that the partners have family-friendly policies – it’s that they truly care about people and understand that giving employees the flexibility to take care of their families is an asset, not a liability, for the company. For me personally, their willingness to allow me to work around family commitments makes me want to work that much harder for them. It makes me extremely dedicated and loyal to this firm, and it makes me feel appreciated as a person, not just as an employee.

MP&F's Pam SchmidtPam Schmidt

Administrative Assistant

I first walked into this office 20 years ago as a summer college intern. Since then I have been involved in amazingly important and meaningful work in Nashville and around the world, while surrounded by the smartest and most creative people in town. Over the years, my bosses became my friends and my friends have become my bosses. I feel very fortunate to have bosses and co-workers who truly care about my family and me, not to mention they are just fun to be around every day.

In short, we work hard and play hard around here. We take our work very seriously, but try not to take ourselves too seriously. We get the job done and have a good time while doing it. Did someone say “beer cart”?

MP&F's Roger ShirleyRoger Shirley

Editorial Director

There are so many things that make MP&F a great place to work, but a big one is the formal and informal benefits – they are tremendous. MP&F pays 100 percent of individual employee insurance, 100 percent of parking and offers a generous vacation package. Beyond that, the partners often give additional paid days off around Christmas. And this year, with July 4 on Thursday, they announced we would all get Friday off as well. Some of our younger staff may take those added benefits for granted; but as someone who knows this is not the norm, I sure don’t.

MP&F's Erin McDonoughErin McDonough

Staff Associate

When I interviewed with MP&F three months ago, I constantly heard about its “open-door policy.” I didn’t really know what that meant until I was able to experience it firsthand. From day one I have felt welcome to go to any staff member, from a fellow SA all the way to a partner, with any question I could possibly have. I feel challenged, supported and motivated on a daily basis. I am constantly learning something new or being exposed to a different scope of this crazy industry we call public relations. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that your supervisors want you to do well, not only for the company’s success, but because they genuinely want you to succeed individually as well.

MP&F's Leigh LindseyLeigh Lindsey

Account Executive

It’s hard to put into words what makes MP&F so special. To me, MP&F is a really great team that’s a lot like a family. I’ve always believed that when the MP&F team works together we can accomplish anything for our clients. That feeling of family and team comes from working with and for people who always are willing to jump in and help, whether it’s with planning a client event or developing a new idea. It’s a special place, and I feel really fortunate to be a small part of it.

MP&F's Dan SchlacterDan Schlacter

Senior Account Executive

MP&F is not the best place to work for everyone. I don’t get to wear jeans every day, I don’t have a business card with a made-up title on it, and there’s only free beer in the break room, like, once a month. But, from the day I was hired I was encouraged to have ideas, share them and put them into action. My colleagues and I work in an environment where staff members at all levels – from interns to partners – are empowered to have a hand on the agency’s steering wheel. We like coming to work every day because we made this office the way it is.

MP&F's Mara NaylorMara Naylor

Associate Account Executive

MP&F is one of the best places to work because I work with some of the most talented, smartest and hardworking people I’ve ever met. When I step off the elevator each morning, I know that the day ahead will include a lot of work, but I’m comforted in knowing that I’m a part of a great team. MP&F is my first  “real job” since graduating from college, but I wouldn’t want to start my public relations career anywhere else because I’ve grown a lot and I’m learning more and more about the industry each day.


3 Responses to “MP&F Selected as One of The Tennessean’s “Top Workplaces” for 2013”

  1. Katie Campbell Dettmann Says:

    Truly. I feel so lucky that MP&F was the start to my career. 🙂

  2. Rachel Eason Webb Says:

    Just today I recalled the motto: Work hard. Have fun. Make money. To this day, 10 years after being hired for my first job at MP&F, that’s still the best professional, cultural and personal advice I’ve ever received. Kudos!

  3. Annakate Ross Says:

    I’ve been here about a month so far, and I definitely see why MP&F won this award. I think it also speaks volumes of the firm that folks have been here so long. I’m not sure what the average tenure is but I regularly interact with employees that have been here for 4, 6, 10, 18 years. That says something.

    Not only is this a staff of competent, smart communicators and leaders, it’s also a group of interesting people with varied backgrounds and talents outside the office. I think that contributes greatly to the culture. I’m so glad to join the ranks!

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