Why are graphics important in public relations?

May 15, 2013

By Brooks Harper, art director

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One of the key pillars of public relations is branding, having all outward communications building the image of your client, be it a person, product or company.

That’s why it’s so important to have your messaging and graphics be consistent to strengthen your image.

Just think: If a friend or family member changed their appearance every day, you’d have trouble recognizing them. It’s similar for a company. People support and interact with products and companies to which they can relate. Messages and graphics need to be consistent. Changes to established products and companies need to be well-thought-out or people won’t take the time to connect with it or you.

MP&F’s seven full-time graphic and Web designers ensure the visual communications for our clients are part of a coordinated campaign. We take the ideas and messaging of our account staff up a notch, adding our creative touch, to deliver award-winning work for our clients.

We make sure the colors, taglines and text work together to effectively communicate our clients’ messages. We also set parameters on how graphics should be displayed in all uses to create uniformity in various communications channels.

All components work together to communicate one overall message. Using design elements consistently helps people see them in different places and via different platforms and relate them to one another.

For instance, take the MP&F-designed Nashville Library Foundation’s campaign, “Books Are Only Half The Story.” After creating a new logo and tagline, the billboards, trucks, bookmarks and posters have similar colors, messages and graphics across all of the different formats. They all contribute toward the image that the library is communicating. Hopefully you’ll see the same colors and design in an International Puppet Festival billboard and the library truck wrap and associate both with the library.

Our graphic and Web designers tackle design challenges every day and can help you connect the dots between your company’s visual images and messaging. Put us to work for you today!



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