Taking a Campaign Approach to PR Is a Winning Recipe

March 15, 2013

David FoxBy David Fox

At MP&F, we often say that we take a campaign approach to communications. But what does that mean? Are we referring to political campaigns? In a word, yes.

MP&F was started by a group of people who’d all worked in and around political campaigns before joining the company, and we discovered that political campaigns are amazing laboratories for incubating new communications tools and applications, taking them to scale in real time and proving their value, or lack thereof, in very measurable ways.

Did your candidate win? If so, then chances are your strategies worked. And the best campaigns are typically those that not only have great tools, but have all of those tools working together in a synchronized way. So the advertising and the speeches, the tweets and the news conferences, the Op-Eds and the direct-mail pieces and the off-the-record backgrounders with reporters are all operating like pistons in the same engine that’s firing on all cylinders.

When we say MP&F takes a campaign approach, that’s what we’re talking about. Being able to see the big picture and having the ability to deploy the right tactics at the right time to move the campaign closer to its goal of winning, however that is defined.

Some organizations come to us in search of a simple strategy – for example, a Facebook strategy to get a message to friends of the organization, or an ad to make people aware of an event. And we are happy to offer those services, because we have excellent graphic designers and social media practitioners, among other experts, who can turn around ads and Facebook plans in short order.

But what we have found is that those individual strategies work best when they are part of a coordinated campaign, when all of the messages and all of the delivery mechanisms are synced up and they flow out as part of one, over-arching strategy.

It’s like cooking biscuits. This morning I cooked a batch of Mary B’s Frozen Biscuits – which I highly recommend – and on the package were these words: “Placing our biscuits together with sides touching will increase their rise during baking.”

Biscuits rise during baking, but they rise more when they touch each other. Communications strategies are like biscuits. They work better when they work together.

mmmmm, biscuits

Mmmmm, biscuits.


One Response to “Taking a Campaign Approach to PR Is a Winning Recipe”

  1. I just made these same biscuits, David. I like the analogy of working together. Maybe that’s why our desks are close together without walls at United Methodist Communications!

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