Quick tips on database marketing

February 1, 2013

by Dan Schlacter

Jay Graves, partner at Social Solutions for Business (SSB), led a lunchtime professional development session at MP&F Public Relations this week.

SSB is a Denver-based Microsoft Partner providing management consulting, technology services and analytic products for multiple markets, including sports, health care, real estate, travel and entertainment. Graves and partner Bobby Whitson are in the process of opening the Nashville office of SSB.

Today’s discussion focused on trends in digital and database marketing and how they can benefit public relations campaigns.

Jay Graves, center, with MP&F Public Relations partners Katy Varney and David Fox.

Jay Graves, center, with MP&F Public Relations partners Katy Varney and David Fox.

Here are a few tips we took from Graves’ remarks:

  • Keep your email list in-house. Giving someone else access to your list is the quickest way to compromise it, or get it “dirty,” as they say in database management.
  • “Recency” trumps all. The most important consumer data analysis question to answer is “Who has supported my organization recently?”
  • Re-targeting is the newest trend in database marketing. Re-targeting is a cost-effective approach to raising awareness and recognition levels among your audience. Your existing email list can even be used as the starting point for a re-targeting campaign.
  • Beware of TLAs. Three-Letter Acronyms, popular in the world of technology, can quickly confuse outside audiences.
  • Have a good picture on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the first places employers and potential clients go for research. Be sure you have a professional photo on your profile.

What challenges and successes has your organization seen with database management? Are you using your existing consumer base to grow your business or spread your message?


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