The Bachelor’s Guide to Communications Success

January 16, 2013

By Dan Schlacter

ABC’s The Bachelor Season 17 premiered last week with Sean Lowe returning to TV screens nationwide to continue his “amazing journey” of love.

In what may be a feeble attempt to convince myself that watching The Bachelor is not a waste of time, I’ve joined fellow Bachelor watchers such as Career Girl Network founder Marcy Twete in putting together a few career-related best practices inspired by the show. I hope the following tips will help communications professionals get that final rose.

Bachelor Sean hands out a rose on last week's premier. (Photo from

Bachelor Sean hands out a rose on last week’s premier. (Photo from

Consider your entrance.

When you launch a campaign or enter the board room to make a pitch, you are competing for attention. Keep it simple: eye contact, a firm handshake and a smile. If you get too fancy, you just might fall on your face. Ask the young lady who tried to impress Sean with some acrobatics and did actually fall on her face.

Tell them why you are there.

Contestants on The Bachelor often claim to be there “for all the right reasons”; however, nobody ever really says what those reasons are. Don’t assume you have the same values as your audience. Share your values, confirm that connection and gain dedicated consumers in the process.

You can’t beat one-on-one time.

Nobody wants to go on a group date. Sure, there’s not much pressure, and it’s easy to make conversation and have fun. But, that’s not where the big decisions are made. Know who is handing out the roses, and have an honest conversation with that person.

Avoid heavy drinking.

This one seems almost too obvious, but season after season of The Bachelor proves it is not. If you are drunk, you have a higher likelihood of saying something you don’t mean … or saying something you do mean but meant not to say. Save the booze – and off-the-cuff remarks – for when the cameras – and mics – are off.

So, as Chris Harrison would say: If you did not receive a rose, please take a minute to say your goodbyes. Not that any of you would be roseless after reading these tips.


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