An Introverted PR Practitioner’s Guide to Social Media

January 2, 2013

By Tara Knott

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At first glance, you’d think social media was designed for social butterflies. But as I’ve been following introverted PR practitioners on their social media channels, I’ve picked up some tricks of the trade.

1.    Change your perspective – Rather than painting social media as an overwhelming barrage of conversations, Susan Cain says these platforms are an introvert’s best friend:

[On social media] You have time to think before you speak. You can connect, one mind with another, freed from the distractions of social cues and pleasantries – just the way readers and writers have done for centuries.

2.    Listen to the conversation – Introverts are good listeners already, so why not listen to the conversation on social media?

Monitor what people say about your interests. When you start participating, you’ll feel more prepared, and you’ll have a better sense of whom to network with.

3.    Share with specific people – When Maya Townsend, founder of a networking company and self-described introvert, reads an interesting article, she asks herself who else would like it, and then she passes it along.

It takes seconds to tweet an article to somebody, and it may spark an online friendship.

4.    Value quality over quantity – Elevator pitch champion and extreme extrovert Chris Westfall says introverts actually have an advantage in social media!

While extroverts connect face to face, an introvert’s “rich inner life” often inspires deeper online content.

Instead of tweeting nonstop, reflect on what you want to say. People will appreciate your commitment to posting thoughtful content.

5.    Become an online extrovert – Social media consultant Mack Collier’s Facebook page says, “Online extrovert, offline introvert. It’s complicated.”

Be yourself on social media, but don’t worry about introductions. Jump right into the conversation, and leave whenever you want.

Are you an introvert in public relations? What’s helped you in the social media world?


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