Why Sponsor BarCamp?

October 15, 2012

By: Ashley Bright

We sponsor BarCamp and PodCamp because it’s cool.

Well, there’s a little bit more to it than just the cool factor, but that’s a big reason.

Perhaps you’re wondering what BarCamp is …

BarCamp takes place this year on Saturday, Oct. 20, at Tequila Cowboy on Broadway downtown. It’s a technology-focused unconference – a time and place for Nashville’s finest and smartest techies to get together to share ideas, network and have fun.

We’re more than music …

Nashville is famous as Music City, boasting one of the highest concentrations worldwide of wildly talented musicians and performing artists. But this city has so much more creativity beyond music.

We’re proud to be a hotspot for health care companies, publishing and technology. Forbes named Nashville a Top Three Boomtown in the nation, and in the recent 2012 Digital States Survey, Tennessee was one of six states to earn an “A-minus” grade for our innovation, progress and effective collaboration. We’re awesome. It’s no wonder they made a TV show about us.

MP&F + BarCamp = Love

As a PR firm, MP&F loves to circle with this BarCamp group. We like smart people, and a lot of the people in the Nashville tech community are those who create the digital tools, websites and apps that we depend on in our profession.

The promise of fun

Who doesn’t love fun?

MP&F does.

I do.

BarCamp loves fun.

There will be fun to be had at BarCamp 2012. We’ll learn new things (always fun), we’ll network and meet new people (double fun) and there will be some really cool chum (the funnest). Oh, there is also an after-party, too (usually fun).

I can vouch for the really cool chum because three of my colleagues and I came up with one of the things for the swag bags.

So come on out to BarCamp. Get involved with this group of fabulous people. This is what Nashville is about – the best and most creative people around.

I will be there wearing my awesome BarCamp Crew T-shirt, and many people will be jealous of it. See you there!


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