July 3, 2012

By Dan Schlacter

If it weren’t for freedom of speech, the communications industry would be a real drag (or a bunch of outlaws risking life and limb to spread targeted messages via news releases, tweets and glossy collateral pieces).

So, as we prepare to celebrate our nation’s birthday, we would like to share some “4th of July Favorites” from the staff members here at McNeely Pigott & Fox Public Relations.

My favorite 4th of July food

“I love to make cherry cheesecake. It’s as simple as that.”

–          Mara Naylor, Staff Associate

“Anything off the grill: hamburgers, ribs, corn on the cob or even peaches. Seriously, grilled peaches with a scoop of gelato and a drizzle of honey on top is the perfect summer dessert.”

–          Jennifer Poston Montlary, Account Supervisor

“Potato salad. My mom’s is the best, and she only makes it for our family’s 4th of July cookout.”

–          Jennifer Brantley, Senior Vice President

“Corn-on-the-cob, especially Ohio corn with lots of butter and salt. (We’re known for our corn, among other things.)”

–          Kate Vorys, Staff Associate and Ohio native

“My mom’s homemade blueberry pie!”

–          Maggie Bowers, Staff Associate

“Homemade ice-cream.”

–          Logan Pratt, Staff Associate

“HOT DOGS! (plural)”

–          Kelly McNeely Brockman, Senior Account Executive

My favorite thing to do on the 4th of July

“Visit my grandmother, who was born on our nation’s 150th birthday. How cool is that?”

–          Colby Sledge, Account Executive

“Watch fireworks with my wife. We have a lot of fun memories from past 4th of July fireworks displays … and one memory of going to see Michael Bay’s Transformers on opening day instead of fireworks. I still owe her for that one.”

–          Dan Schlacter, Senior Account Executive

My favorite thing about America is

“As a first-generation American, my favorite thing about the United States is that I can love my country and also be proud of where I’m from.”

–          Javier Solano, Vice President

“MP&F is kind of like America because we’re one PR firm, united under the partners, indivisible, with good client work for all.”

–          Leigh Lindsey, Account Executive

“Long story short, my grandfather fought in the Civil War. Not my great-grandfather or beyond … my dad’s dad. The 4th of July brings memories of being unconditionally loved and accepted, fed with the heartiness and abundance of a generation who knew what it meant to sacrifice to make sure “family” was preserved. This has all trickled down to me to share with my family and loved ones. And I can’t thank them enough. Happy 4th of July to all.”

–          Lynn Vincent, Senior Art Director

4th of July Picnic Tips

“Make it simple and make it well.”

–          Kate Frediani, Intern

“If you pick up a family tub of KFC with fixings at the drive-thru, make sure they give you spoons, forks and knives. One year I had to eat my mashed potatoes with the plastic food container top. Not pretty.”

–          Roger Shirley, Editorial Director

“Firework safety is very important, especially since we haven’t had a lot of rain. If you set them off, practice fire safety skills and have water nearby.”

–          Kelly McNeely Brockman, Senior Account Executive

Aside from fireworks, the 4th of July is not complete without

“The exhilarating music of John Philip Sousa.”

–          Susan Jett, Office Manager

“Hearing Lee Greenwood’s ‘God Bless the USA.’ It’s a great reminder of what our troops and their families have sacrificed so that I can enjoy the holiday and every other day of the year.”

–          Alice Pearson Chapman, Partner

“Domestic beer, juicy hamburgers and the sound of an ice cream truck playing ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’ in the distance.”

–          Elizabeth Elmore, Account Executive

“My dad’s beef brisket, a bad sunburn and a Toby Keith song.”

–          Lauren Barrett, Account Executive

“Water balloons and someone crying thanks to said water balloons.”

–          Lacey Purcell, Staff Associate

“The 1812 Overture.”

–          Pat Ackerman, Accounting Assistant


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