Mayor’s Workplace Challenge offers opportunities for growth

June 27, 2012

MP&F and Mayor's Workplace Challenge

By Alice Chapman

MP&F was recently asked to share with a group of business leaders why we are participating in the Mayor’s Workplace Challenge. Through the Challenge, Mayor Karl Dean has asked Nashville businesses to show “just how big an impact they can make on the livability of our city.” There are three areas in which a business can compete:

  • Volunteer service (Involved)
  • The environment (Green)
  • Fostering a healthy workplace (Healthy)

The Challenge is really about quantifying the activities and habits that are already part of your company’s culture, and adding some new ones for the good of your company and the city. Even the smallest of businesses can participate.

In filling out the score sheets, we found that we are already doing a fair number of items included in the Challenge:

  • Involved – We give back to the community as a company through an extensive pro bono program.” (Last year, MP&F donated more than 3,870 hours to a total of 24 nonprofits.) In addition to our in-office work, many MP&Fers volunteer on their own time. They  serve on boards, read to children, chair events and participate in events such as Hands On Nashville Day.
  • Green – If you live in Nashville’s Urban Services District, you take your Curby recycling cart to the end of your driveway once a month. (And if you’re not using Curby, you should be.) MP&F developed Metro’s Curby campaign 10 years ago, about the same time we realized we needed to be recycling more than paper and cans. We now divert an estimated 280 gallons of trash from the landfill every month through our office recycling program.
  • Healthy – The health of our employees is very important to us. That is why we pay for 100 percent of our employees’ health insurance costs and offer a flexible spending plan to help cover out-of-pocket medical expenses. We also pay for flu shots for every employee each fall. We encourage a healthy lifestyle. You’ll often find MP&Fers jogging through the streets of downtown Nashville in preparation for a local marathon, or working out at the gym located in our office building.  

We’re communicators. We see another benefit to the Mayor’s Challenge – telling the MP&F story through our website, blog, and Facebook and Twitter pages.

We hope other Nashville businesses will join the Mayor’s Workplace Challenge. We’re all in this together. When one Nashville business is recognized for making a change, we all benefit.

Tell us what your company is doing to make Nashville a better place to live and work.


2 Responses to “Mayor’s Workplace Challenge offers opportunities for growth”

  1. Melissa Spradlin Says:

    Book’em is very grateful for companies like MP&F and their employees, who give back to the community and help make Nashville a great city.

  2. Right on! We’re in the challenge, too.

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