Nashville’s creative side: PodCamp

April 18, 2012

By Ashley Bright

It’s time for people to get to know a different sub-culture of creativity in Music City.

Nashville is known for its creative culture, but the variety of such is often overlooked. This city is home to more than the guitar, mandolin and good pair of cowboy boots. Nashvillians cultivate a lot of technology and entrepreneurship.


Disclaimer: Country music is a good thing. I mean no harm to it. In fact, I married into part of the industry and pay it fair and due respect.

This past weekend, I attended PodCamp Nashville, for which MP&F was a proud Worthy Sponsor. I was unashamedly very excited to receive my PodCamp Nashville t-shirt and to spend the day attached to my iPhone and iPad, simultaneously and un-judged. I came away from PodCamp as part of a new community.

PodCamp was held at Tequila Cowboy on Broadway (formerly Cadillac Ranch), and the place was full of entrepreneurs, techy hipsters, social media addicts and confident geeks…I was somewhere in the middle.

PodCamp Nashville was a new and affirming experience for me.

  • My nametag had my Twitter handle printed just as large as my regular name. As I watched others with their Twitter handle nametags enter and get their electronic devices powered up and connected to the PodCamp wifi, I followed a couple of them on Twitter and they followed right back.
  • As the sessions began, Tweets flew nonstop. Attendees connected with each other in all the various sessions by pre-designated hashtags specific to each session. I met some new acquaintances in person, but others solely on Twitter, even though they were sitting somewhere within 10 feet of me. Ideas, quotes and tips bounced back and forth throughout the day.
  • Topics ranged from NeuroMarketing (changing behavior through gaming mechanics) to falling in love with what you do, to website building and video work. The entire building lit up with excitement between sessions as people shared with each other what they had just heard in different sessions.
  • The amount of people that spoke about the online resources, products and marketing schemes they had developed on their own impressed me. Everyone had gusto for moving forward and conquering the next greatest technology. It was energizing to be surrounded by a progressive group of people committed to creation and innovation.

At the end of the day, I didn’t have a ground-breaking idea for a new website or anything. What I took away from PodCamp was a renewed appreciation for Music City. It’s a growing city, it’s clean and safe, has a variety of industries, possesses a character all its own and is a destination city. Although it may be known for that one vein of creativity in the entertainment industry, the spirit of that community purveys every sector.

Nashville is a city of energy, creation and progression. That is our culture, throughout every part, and especially in the tech-savvy entrepreneurial world. PodCamp reminded me of the depth of our community.

Keep an eye out for the next PodCamp and join the lot of MP&F staff members like Keith MilesErin MercerDan SchlacterElizabeth Elmore, and Kat Neunaber who you might find there, too.


One Response to “Nashville’s creative side: PodCamp”

  1. Great post, Ashley. I think people should wear name tags with their Twitter handles on them every day. @danschlacter

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