Like Fitness, Communications Is a “No Pain, No Gain” Exercise.

January 10, 2012

By Dan Schlacter

This might sound like a meathead thing to say, but as we begin the New Year, remember that the steps to success with a new workout routine can also lead to gains in your communications strategy.

1. Take a look around before you hop on the exercise ball. Whether you spring for a few personal training sessions or just get the free tour, having a vet show you the ropes will pay dividends.

What kinds of dividends? You’ll be less likely to commit the cardinal sin of gym newbies: working out directly in front of the weight rack. Don’t do it. Ever.

Communications translation: Whether you are looking to step up internal or external efforts, or start utilizing a new social media platform, talk to someone who is already doing what you want to be doing. There are bigger landmines in the communications realm than blocking the kettle bells, and you need to know about them.

2. Be there for the right reasons. Bathing in cologne before your workout and ogling the Zumba instructor between reps do not qualify as “the right reasons.” It does, however, alienate the people around you.

Focus on your routine.

Communications translation: Make sure you have a legitimate answer to the question “Why should my message appear in this space?” If you think you should be on Facebook just because a lot of other people are there, think again. You should be on Facebook if your audience is on Facebook, and if you have the time and content to properly maintain the page. As the saying goes, “Having a bad page is worse than not having one at all.”

3. Commit. The only good thing about all of the resolutioners currently screwing with my morning routine is that most of them will be gone in two months … just when I’d be starting to get used to them.

Communications translation: Commit. Sorry, but it doesn’t get much simpler than that. No successful communications effort lasts 24 hours. Heck, even viral campaigns take a few days.

In short: Do some research, clarify your goals and stick to your plan. It’s that easy. And if you are looking for more tips on hitting the gym in the New Year, check out “The 27 Rules of Conquering the Gym” in The Wall Street Journal. It’s hilarious.  


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