You may be missing opportunities with mobile

April 19, 2011

Got a minute? Do yourself a favor and bring up your company website on your smart phone.

Exactly like your company website, only smaller? That’s a problem.

As smart phones gain greater market share, more and more of your customers and potential customers will be visiting your website from a mobile device. Your mobile site should be optimized with readability and convenience in mind, or your customers are going to go elsewhere.

Retailers are waking up to this new paradigm. In an April 18 story in the New York Times (, Ebay noted nearly $2 billion from mobile sales last year and expects to double that in 2011.

“Now retailers are rapidly realizing they no longer have a choice, because customers expect to be able to shop on their phones and want the experience to be as good or better than on a computer,”  wrote Times reporters Stephanie Clifford and Claire Cain Miller.

Optimizing your website for mobile is not just for retailers. Consider the potential customer looking up information about your company while riding in the back of a taxi. Have you described your services simply? Can they get to your phone number? Do you have a map feature? Is the text readable?

Your mobile website forces you to consider what is most important in terms of information and the behavior you want to encourage. With an estimated 48 percent of Internet searches for local business being done from a smart phone, you cannot afford to wait any longer.


3 Responses to “You may be missing opportunities with mobile”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for the great information, Keith!

  2. Keith Miles Says:

    Thanks Courtenay!

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    I’m ashamed to say that I hadn’t checked out our website on my Blackberry yet…so, I just did. And it is amazing how much easier it is too maneuver when it has been optimized for mobile viewing.

    Also noticed that Google placed a little symbol next to the link when search results yield mobile-friendly sites.

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