Are you taking social media seriously?

April 12, 2011

There is a very simple way to figure out if you take social media seriously.

Imagine you are at work. You are busy. You need to speak with a colleague about something that he should be busy on as well. You walk over to your colleague’s office. Your colleague is on Facebook.

How do you feel?

If you feel annoyed, then you are not taking social media seriously. Don’t agree with me? Imagine the same scenario, but substitute either “the telephone” or “Outlook” for “Facebook”.

Yes, it is possible to be wasting time on the phone or doing a multitude of nonwork-related tasks in Outlook, but I suspect the assumptions we make about our colleagues’ intentions relative to these communication resources are vastly different than those we make about Facebook, Twitter and other social media resources that are quickly becoming go-to gadgets in our client toolbox.

So, next time you find yourself muttering, “I’m in here working and he’s in there on Facebook,” just remember that your company is supposed to know all about this social media stuff.


5 Responses to “Are you taking social media seriously?”

  1. debmcalister Says:

    Good point! In my job, there are times when I am supposed to be on Facebook during work hours, and I’ve had colleagues who don’t realize that part of my job is maintaining the company’s multiple Facebook profiles. Thanks for posting.

    Deb McAlister

  2. Thanks for confirming that, Deb. I am always glad to hear that more and more people are taking advantage of the benefits these different resources offer.

  3. Emily Bunka Says:

    This is a great reminder for those not as in touch with their social media side. PR practitioners and marketers have to go where the consumers spend their time. Today that is on social media networks. Hopefully these sites will continue to earn respect, not just within our industry, but in all fields. I like the point you made about people being distracted by all sorts of mediums. If not the internet, there is always the radio, television, newspaper and telephone.

  4. Rob Robinson Says:

    Good point, Emily. PR has relied on traditional media because it has been the best way to reach large audiences for decades. Today there are more ways than ever to reach the right people.

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