There’s always room to learn and to grow

March 22, 2011

Doesn’t it always seem as though the supposedly least complicated machines and tasks end up proving to be the most difficult to use and to accomplish? It certainly seems to be the case around here: fax machines, the telephones with their dizzying array of flashing buttons, the copier that appears to necessitate months of training. They all seem to be much trickier to navigate than any other activity in the office.

After graduating from the brisk but thorough intern orientation here at MP&F, we interns were deemed independent and self-sufficient. This meant that we would begin the introduction process into our project teams and would slowly start to accumulate more work and more tasks. Despite the many overlapping activities and demanding workload, everyone around the office was extremely helpful and understanding of our learning curve as new initiates into the public relations industry.

However, just when everything started to feel comfortable, I was presented the task of making stapled copies of a report. Sounds easy enough, right? That was not the case.  After a good half-hour of unsuccessfully entering in my username, arbitrarily punching buttons, and making sub-par attempts at copies, I finally discarded my pride and decided to seek help, acknowledging the fact that using the copier was one of the hardest tasks thus far presented to me. A very kind co-worker coached me through the copier, and I thanked her and repeated the steps she showed me. Success.

While it was at the time a frustrating and, I’ll admit, embarrassing experience, I’ve learned every day teaches something new and valuable. I can now boast that I am a copier virtuoso, and recognize that it took many failures and asking for help to get to this point. My advice to the new interns out there: Never be afraid to seek assistance and guidance from someone more knowledgeable. Also, it’s OK to have a few unsuccessful tries: Everyone has been there, even if it involves seemingly easy electronics. There’s always room to learn and to grow.


One Response to “There’s always room to learn and to grow”

  1. Katie Says:

    Let’s just hope that a client wasn’t billed that ‘technology learning’ time. 🙂 Just kidding. Glad to hear you’re learning new things; you couldn’t have picked a better place to do that!

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