What do PR and engineering have in common? Maybe more than you think.

January 21, 2011

I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a brief internship at MP&F this month as part of the Winterim program that my high school, Harpeth Hall, holds each year. While I had a lot of fun doing projects and sitting in meetings for different clients, I think my favorite part about being at MP&F was what I learned about public relations as a whole. I’ve always thought I wanted to do engineering, but now I realize that PR has some of the same qualities that I like about engineering. For example, it is project based, and you get to see a product through from start to finish.

I’ve always wanted a career where I will be able to get to see my work come to life. In engineering this could be constructing a bridge or building a prosthetic limb, and in PR it could be writing a news release or designing an annual report.

I’ve always wanted a dynamic job that is different from day to day. Because engineering and PR are both in project settings, you are completing many different aspects of an assignment and working on assignments for many different clients. Each day is different as you move through different steps of the project and move from project to project. PR also combines the intellectual and the creative like engineering does. In engineering, you get to use math and science to create something new and unique. In PR, you use writing, communications and marketing skills and extreme time management while channeling your creativity to come up with exciting and interesting campaigns.

I still have no idea what the future holds for me, but being at MP&F has shown me that my life can go in many different directions. I have always thought that engineering is the only path for me, but now I know that I have many different options. I no longer feel the intense pressure to succeed in engineering even if I get to college and discover I don’t like it. Being at MP&F has given me confidence that I can succeed in many different fields, be it engineering, PR, or one of the many other exciting careers out there.


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