If you don’t like the weather …

December 14, 2010

Everyone is talking about the weather right now. It’s cold. Everywhere. A few days ago in Nashville, a jacket was optional. Today, we have snow. On Thanksgiving Day the temperature dropped about a bajillion degrees in 12 hours.

And everyone has heard that old expression, “If you don’t like the weather in (insert location), just wait a few minutes; it will change.”

The same could be said for agency work in the public relations field. On any given day, if you don’t like the work you are doing … just wait … it will likely change in a matter of minutes. No, I do not want to pontificate on the much-discussed “Are traditional newspapers dying?” topic or “How social media is changing everything.” It’s just true of agency work. Always has been. Always will be.

I’ve often described a typical day for me as having a full to-do list in the morning, being completely busy and productive throughout the day, and at the close of business, having crossed nothing off that original list. Why? Because client needs, requests and priorities change. Daily. Hourly. It’s the nature of the beast.

Also, there are so many ways we tell the stories our clients need to tell. We write news releases and speeches, memos and plans, tweets and status updates. We talk to reporters and coordinate interviews. We work with our graphic artists on what annual reports, posters, brochures and websites should look like. We plan events and develop contests for our clients’ customers. We create videos and ads (which is what my co-worker, Amanda [pictured above], was doing in Chicago last week). We conduct formal and informal research. We consult and strategize. And we do incredibly glamorous things like collate materials and insert them into three-ring binders, alphabetize nametags, and collect RSVPs into Excel spreadsheets. And the list goes on.

Some people thrive in this sort of environment. Some do not. Some people need to make the same widget, the same way, every day. That’s not how it works around here. Things change … sometimes every few minutes. Thank goodness.


One Response to “If you don’t like the weather …”

  1. Wayne Veach Says:

    Well-written piece.

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