Agency success is all about teamwork

December 1, 2010

Not everyone is cut out for life in an office setting – for example, a lot of NFL players. If I were to throw a fit in front of my co-workers, hurling my briefcase and client files across the room and then having choice words for my boss, I would likely be shown the door.

Teamwork is at the heart of thriving in an office setting. At MP&F, it’s at the core of what we do. Success is found, not in the accomplishments of individuals (although that is important), but in the accomplishments of the team. If we win, we all win. If we lose, we all lose. If I choose to bring a bad attitude to a client project, the team and the quality of our work will undoubtedly suffer. If you can’t be a good team member, it’s likely that you’re not cut out for agency work.

I was reminded of the importance of this team dynamic as I watched my 4-year-old son play soccer for the first time this fall. At that young age, when everyone gets a turn on the field, it doesn’t matter who scores the most goals or even which team wins. All that matters is trying your best, having fun with your teammates and enjoying a good snack when the game is over. Sure, life as a grown-up is more complicated, but only because we choose to make it so.

Some of our friends in the NFL could learn a lot from youth sports. And if any of them need a refresher course on teamwork, they can get started by visiting the MP&F careers page.


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