We all opted-in to social media

May 24, 2010

Have you checked your Facebook privacy settings?

No one forced us to join Facebook or any other social network. For all of us, there was a day where we decided that it was a good idea to sign up and that we were willing to trust social networks with at least some of our personal information.

Facebook has an obligation to maintain that trust and to act in accordance with its terms of service (whether or not we choose to read those terms). We have an obligation, as consumers, to pay attention to how services we use handle the information we give them. It’s up to each of us as individuals to determine what information we’re comfortable sharing on Facebook (and elsewhere) and with whom.

It’s true that Facebook’s privacy settings are very detailed and not especially easy to find, but they are neither unusable nor hidden. Facebook is making a wise move by promising to simplify its privacy settings, but the wisest move is the responsibility of each individual user: Read the terms of service and adjust the account settings for each website you visit, and make sure you’re satisfied before you start sharing.


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