iPad: Might be the game-changer people were expecting

January 27, 2010

Ok. I admit it. I had a window up on my computer and followed the Apple announcement today live. For those of you who don’t anxiously await every new gadget, Apple announced the iPad, a 10-inch touch tablet that displays books, plays music and runs all the applications that currently run on an iPhone or iTouch.

Most expectations were around $900 to $1,000 and Apple surprised everyone with a WiFi-enabled version at $499. Of course, once you upgrade to more memory and the ability to tap into the AT&T data network, the price goes to $829. Currently, data plans will be available at $14.99 and $29.99 a month.

Early reports on the ebook experience are positive, which might give Amazon pause with its Kindle device, or Sony with its e-reader. The biggest complaints so far are the inability to multitask and the lack of a camera.

The proof is always in the pudding, as they say. WiFi-only versions will go on sale in about two months, with 3G data-enabled versions coming on line a month after that.


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