iPad: Can you have too much hype?

January 27, 2010

Earlier today, Apple ended years of speculation by announcing it’s iPad, a tablet computer with a similar look and user interface to the iPhone. It’s designed to fill a void between smartphones and laptops that netbooks haven’t fully addressed.

It looks impressive and reasonably priced (from $499 to $829), but does the device live up to the phenomenal level of anticipation and excitement Apple’s secrecy and calculated PR leaks generated? The proof will ultimately be in the product and how it sells over the course of the year. Many pundits were expecting multitasking, a partnership with Verizon and an announcement about iPhone 4.0, none of which materialized.

It’s a tall order to wow everyone every time you launch a product, though Apple has had plenty of success at doing just that. Nonetheless, plenty of companies would love to have the opportunity to attract the kind of publicity Apple managed to provoke about it’s “latest creation.”

What do you think? Did Apple knock your socks off, or is the iPad merely a nice device that couldn’t match the epic expectations cast upon it? Check out the next post from MP&F partner Keith Miles for another take on the iPad news.


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